Mark Trocino, Inc. Marketing And Public Relations Partners With The American Cancer Society

Mark Trocino participates in ‘Real Men Wear Pink’ to Raise Awareness and Funds in the Fight Against Breast Cancer

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Poughkeepsie, NY – September 25, 2017Mark Trocino, Inc. Marketing and Public Relations has teamed up with the American Cancer Society and the Salvatore and Patricia Trocino Foundation to raise awareness and funds in the fight against breast cancer here in the Hudson Valley. October is breast cancer awareness month and to help bolster public awareness as well as raise money to support research, education and treatment, Mark Trocino will be participating in ‘Real Men Wear Pink’. Throughout the month of October, Mark along with other ‘Real Men’ community and business leaders will wear pink to support the American Cancer Society’s mission to save more lives from breast cancer. Utilizing social media as well as his personal and professional networks, Mark will promote his efforts and encourage participation and engagement. This is the second year in a row that Mark has participated in this campaign. Last year the campaign raised over $60,000 in the Hudson Valley alone.

Kicking off the month, on Sunday, October 1st, Mark will be participating in a 90 mile bicycle ride wearing pink. Although officially the ride is Bicycling Magazine’s Fall Classic, Mark has affectionately dubbed the ride the ‘Giro d’Alessia’ in memory of his cousin, Alessia Cavarretta, who lost her battle with breast cancer in April of this year. All donations made to the Salvatore & Patrica Trocino Foundation during the month of October as well as any monies raised to support Mark on his ride will be donated to the American Cancer Society. Additionally, Mark Trocino, Inc., will be making matching contributions.

“Two years ago I lost my mother to cancer and now earlier this year I lost my cousin to breast cancer. If wearing pink for a month, riding a bike and posting selfies to my social media will help raise awareness and money to fight breast cancer, it’s the least I can do. As a person and local business owner, I’m happy to show my support and lead the fight against breast cancer here in the Hudson Valley,” said Mark P. Trocino, President and CEO, Mark Trocino, Inc..

Mark will be chronicling the bike race as well as his pink ensembles for the entirety of October via his social media, Instagram (@MPTrocino), Twitter (@MPTrocino) and Facebook (@MarkTrocinoPR). Along with pictures, he will also post facts about breast cancer to help educate. The Salvatore and Patricia Trocino Foundation will also be promoting these efforts via their social media.

About Mark Trocino, Inc. Marketing and Public Relations: Mark P. Trocino is an award winning marketing communications and public relations mind. An entrepreneur, Mark has over fifteen years of professional experience building successful businesses and campaigns in both the for and non-profit worlds. His diverse experience and expertise in many industries as well as with different size organizations allows him to bring a unique perspective to clients as a marketing and PR consultant.


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